Thing 67

67. Watch all of Critical Role

To be honest, I am checking this off though I have only made it through campaign 1. The 115 episodes (plus one-shots) and about 500 hours took me several years to get through, so I'm counting it as a major accomplishment. I'll put campaign 2 on next time's list.

I'd always wanted to watch it, and I'm so glad I did. I absolutely loved it. It was worth the time commitment and more. I felt the full range of emotions from cheering and dancing around my room to ugly crying/sobbing. I definitely fell in love with the Vox Machina characters and Matthew Mercer's storytelling. Absolutely amazing adventures I couldn't get enough of. I can't wait to start the second campaign!

Thing 95

95. Leave presents for librarians at KP & PO

I was hoping to give the librarians their presents by dropping them off in their mailboxes or on their desks, but COVID-19 had other ideas. I bought these containers and some Hershey's kisses. Then I created 30 bookmarks for each library. One side had a cancelled postage stamp from my collection and the other side had a nice, literary quote and message of appreciation.

I dropped one off for the librarians at each library, and it was nice seeing some of them again in person :-)


Thing 78

78. Put together a display with items representing my Strokes characters

For years now, I have been collecting Christmas ornaments that remind me of my Strokes characters. This year, I finally put them together for this tree. I had to make a few for remaining characters, and I'll probably refine the display next year when I can afford to buy things again. For now, I'm really happy with the results.

Nik- rainbow disco ball
Sweetie- Christmas-themed LEGO ball (including building pieces and a computer terminal)
Jamie- Christmas-colored hockey goalie
Olly- Doctor's bag
Ducky- Fortune cookie
Sinclair- Hockey skates and stick
Coyote- Microphone
Trip- Sailor duck and rainbow dog tag
Toby- Stuffed Labrador dog
Auntie Al- LEGO Alfred from Batman
Julia & Robert- Limousine
Ace- Motorcycle
Pit- Garage King tire and tools

Strokes tree
Groom & groom wedding
Genderqueer pride heart
Rainbow pride heart
Rainbow converse shoes
Beads, most of which were from various pride festivals

Thing 61

61. Get a new teddy bear on September 9 every year (National Teddy Bear Day)

I found a really good sale and used gift card money I'd saved up from doing Bing searches to buy myself a bear for National Teddy Bear Day this year. I've wanted a Gund Snuffles bear for years now, ever since I read The Joyful Bear by Margaret Meps Schulte & Frank Lloyd Bear. I do not regret the decision, as Ray is incredibly soft and huggable.


Thing 81

81. Start music video/fanvid a day project

Ever since I attended a sing-along vid show as the first morning panel at a con, I had the idea of putting together a collection of fun fanvids to wake up to. After thinking about the project a while, I decided to start out a little softer than one a day and, instead, modified this to one a week. I posted the first one today on my fandom blog:

I have scheduled out fanvids through April of 2021 (45 of them, to be exact). So I am considering that an excellent start to this project. My hope is to keep it going and finish up a whole calendar year of fun videos I recommend that appear every Friday.

Thing 73

73. Read all published illustrated Harry Potter editions

In June, I read the second illustrated book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Hands down, my favorite illustrations were of Diagon Alley. But I also liked all the little hidden Easter Eggs like the busses outside King's Cross bearing familiar initials. This isn't my favorite Harry Potter book, but it was still a wonderful, magical adventure with these illustrations to enjoy along with the story.


Thing 2

2. Read 5 books off fandom shelves

In July, I read two more books for this thing, which completes it. I really enjoyed the Ghostwriter story (even though it was written in 1993, it could be set now, given the state of race relations). The Doctor Who book starred one of my favorite doctors (Two) and several of my favorite companions, but the politics left me a little cold.

4. Ghostwriter: Alias Diamond Jones by Cristina Salat
5. Doctor Who: Dreams of Empire by Justin Richards


Thing 54

54. Organize all my digital photos

I've been working on this off and on again for years, but having my laptop die this month required me to move all my files and rethink my organizational systems for files in general. So now all my photos from 2005 onward are in the same place by category/subject. It should be much easier to find photos from now on.

The final stats are:
294 folders
342 subfolders
100,694 total files

Thing 2

2. Read 5 books off fandom shelves

In May, I read three books off my fandom bookshelf:

1. Gargoyles: Demona's Revenge by Francine Hughes
2. The Art of Star Wars Episode I by Jonathan Bresman
3. Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure by William McCay

Progress: 3 / 5