Thing 20

20. Make Kiva loans in 5 new-to-me countries

I was thrilled to see a loan in Namibia for solar home systems. This was my fifth and final loan for this goal. I've now supported 76 different countries on Kiva!

Thing 69

69. Watch all Highlander episode commentaries

I finished the last commentary! I had listened to some of them, but not all. So it was pretty neat getting some new-to-me content after all this time. I must admit I had a difficult time listening to Stan talking about how hard it was to watch a movie starring an actor who had recently passed away. That hit me hard. But, generally, I just had a lovely time learning a little more about the filming of episodes. Even commentaries I'd seen before were fun to enjoy again, because my memory is so bad and I forgot half the stories the actors, writers, and directors shared. LOL

Thing 65

65. Have a movie marathon weekend of all my favorite movies to rewatch

I didn't get through nearly enough movies (i made a list of 50 of my favorites). But I managed to watch 14 movies this weekend. I think that's pretty good, on top of a the other events I had going on this weekend (WRock concert, brunch, Easter, church, meetings, etc.). I really enjoyed watching a lot of movies that always make me feel good and happy. I should do this more often, really.

Here's what I watched:
Adventures in Babysitting
Sleeping Beauty (animated)
Beauty and the Beast (animated)
The Lion King (animated)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Renaissance Man
101 Dalmatians (animated)
The Great Muppet Caper
The Breakfast Club
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Wizard of Oz
Ghostbusters 2
Velvet Goldmine

Thing 73

73. Read all published illustrated Harry Potter editions

I read the first book this month for my Harry Potter meetup's monthly discussion. It was my first time reading this edition, and I listened to the first movie soundtrack at the same time. It was magical when the two were in sync! I loved experiencing the story in a new way, and the artistic choices were amazing.


Thing 17

17. Catch up on/finish 5 shows I'm behind on

While I have now fallen behind again on number 1 and 2, I did do a significant amount of catch up and logged them as I caught up. So I'm still counting them. Feels good to get caught up on so many shows, so I hope I can keep the momentum going.

2. NCIS (3 seasond behind at the time)

3. Riversale (1 1/2 seasons behind at the time)

4. Queer Eye (3 seasons behind)

5. Face Off (1 season behind)


Thing 15

15. Watch 5 new-to-me shows on Netflix

4. The Circle- I wasn't sure how I felt about this show at first, but I couldn't look away. I was immediately drawn into this show and how it would turn out.

5. 100 Humans- I binged this all in one day and loved it. What interesting and funny experiments!


Thing 72

72. Start a YA book discussion group for adults

I took over my library's YA book club and had the first meeting in February. The March, April, and May meetings are cancelled, and no one showed up to the first meeting. So it's pretty much a fail. But I gave it a good try. I'm going to stick it out for the rest of the year, mostly because it's a genre I enjoy, so I'd want to read or reread these books anyway.