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07 December 2012 @ 12:05 pm
List 3- My 101 Things  
Here is my third attempt at doing 101 Things to do in 1001 days. My first time I accomplished 50, the second time 67. This time... 101 (I hope)! I've got some RL friends doing it with me so the pressure is on... in a good way.

I will do my very best to cross the items off this list as I accomplish them. I shall keep this journal updated as I work towards these goals, with pictures/links whenever possible. Entries in bold are ones I have completed. Entries in italics are ones in progress, which are taking a while to complete. Entries that are struck out are ones I have failed. Entries with * indicate I completed them during my grace period, after the deadline officially passed.

Start Date: Friday, December 7, 2012
Finish Date: Friday, September 4, 2015

86 / 101 things. 86% done!

Break Out the Popcorn
1. Watch every Academy Award best picture nominee from 2010 to 2015- 05/07/15
2. Watch every Vlogbrother video- 07/01/14
3. Make a list of every DVD I own and haven’t yet watched- 2/9/13
4. Have a Ewan McGregor movie/tv show marathon- 12/15/13

So Many Books, So Little Time
5. Read 25 books off the FCPS shelves at the library- 11/24/14
6. Read 25 books off my BookCrossing TBR shelves- 08/20/14
7. Read 50 comics/graphic novels- 05/04/14
8. Read the Jedi Apprentice series- 07/10/14
9. Read all of the Shoebox Project- 3/11/14
10. Read a whole book on the iPad- 1/31/13
11. Catch up on Gabaldon series to-date (re-read & read for the first time)
12. Get to 10,000 books released on BookCrossing- 04/26/15
13. Get a BookCrossing book journaled in every state
14. Finish wild releasing 100 books at the George Mason statue at GMU
15. Make a list of every book on Mt. To Be Read- 09/27/14
*16. Complete 5 merit badges in You Can Do It: the Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-up Girls- 09/27/15*
17. Update Book blog with non-reviews at least 2 times a month- 08/23/15
18. Complete Wreck This Journal- 06/18/15
19. Start another LGBTQ Bookbox & start a YA Lit Bookbox- 06/29/15
20. Keep BCinDC blog/site updated
21. For one year, release themed books on every big holiday- 01/01/15

Fangirl Extreme
22. Finish watching all of Doctor Who
23. Make Remus & Sirius sock puppets- 03/30/14
24. Watch all of Battlestar Galactica- 12/23/12
25. Watch all of Veronica Mars- 04/11/14
26. Watch all of Gilmore Girls- 10/16/14
27. Watch all of Oz- 07/25/13
28. Watch all of Teen Wolf- 01/23/13
29. Watch all of Suits- 08/17/13
30. Re-watch all of QAF and make a list of favorite moments- 01/23/14
31. Host a crafting & watching Harry Potter drop-in weekend with DADA- 01/25/15

Friends & Family Plan
32. Somehow get Mom to see a meteor shower
*33. Go on a Friendly’s date with Anna every fall- 10/03/15*
34. Do something special with/for Dad- 06/07/15
35. Reach out to high school best friends- 09/15/13
36. Send more packages & cards to my KS- 09/04/15

Making Myself a Better Me
37. Run a 5K
38. Save $1 a day in a separate account- 09/04/15
39. Get weight down to 135lbs- 12/16/13
40. Use my juicer- 02/13/15
41. Use my crockpot- 01/19/15
42. Get a physical (& booster shots)- 08/26/15
43. Go to the gynecologist every year- 07/08/15
44. Keep daily scrapbook-journal- 08/29/15
45. Learn MySQL- 09/07/13
46. Write my future self a letter- 3/23/13

Doing Things & Making Things
47. Get 500 hearts on swap-bot- 11/05/13
48. Get to 4000 snarfs on Markeroni- 07/19/14
49. Do Thing A Day in February: http://thingaday2012.wordpress.com/ -02/28/15
50. Learn how to crochet- 09/21/14
51. Create a T-shirt quilt- 01/17/15
52. Learn how to use my sewing machine by sewing something without breaking the machine
53. Create 2 digital scrapbook pages- 5/25/14
54. Finish putting together ticket stub diary- 2/24/13
55. Take a picture every day for 365 days- 04/11/14
56. Start a bird life list- 4/28/13
57. Build Eilean Donan Castle out of LEGO- 09/29/13
58. Build the Barge out of LEGO
59. Build story towers & bookends for all HP books out of LEGO

House & All the Stuff In It
60. Buy a new digital camera-12/25/12
61. Find a way to display keychain collection-07/13/13
62. Save $5 a day and make an extra mortgage payment each year in May- 05/06/15
63. Clean, fix, and touch up house during the first week of May every year- 05/31/15
64. Move into new house completely & have a housewarming party
65. Paint craft room door- 01/17/15

Do Unto Others
66. Participate in the 29 Gifts Movement: http://www.29gifts.org- 08/20/14
67. Write letters for More Love Letters- 12/19/13
68. Help melydia with one of her 101 goals- 10/20/13
69. Help 6of8 with one of her 101 goals- 10/20/13
70. Help Ixion with one of her 101 goals- 10/20/13
*71. Raise $1000 for AIDS Walk Washington (total)- 09/26/15*
72. Donate $1 to charity for every thing left undone- 09/04/15
73. Get to 50 loans made on Kiva.org- 05/07/15
74. Volunteer more than 100 hours a year at one library and earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award
75. Take a photo of the new Kings Park Library tree every year in October- 10/14/14
76. Donate one toy to Toys for Tots every December- 12/01/14

Oh the Places You’ll Go
77. Renew National Zoo Membership and ride the GLT on the Conservation Carousel at the National Zoo- 09/01/13
78. Visit the Postal Museum- 06/23/13
79. Visit Arlington Cemetery- 08/23/15
80. Visit Glen Echo Park- 06/07/15
81. Visit the National Arboretum- 04/06/14
82. Visit the Botanic Gardens- 04/28/13
83. Visit Rock Creek Cemetery- 07/04/13
84. Visit Appomattox- 10/17/14
85. Visit Chincoteague/Assateague
86. Visit O Mansion- 08/11/13
87. See Birds of Paradise Exhibit at the National Geographic Museum- 04/27/13
88. See Rubens Peale with a Geranium in the National Gallery of Art (Gallery 60 A)- 04/28/13
89. Visit the old Peale Museum building and the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore to see the Peale collection- 04/13/14
90. Drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains in the autumn- 10/17/14
91. Go to the Burke Centre Festival- 09/06/13
92. Attend a play/musical at West Springfield- 11/20/14
93. Go to a Hershey Bears game
94. Make 20 entries about different adventures in my travel blog- 08/24/14

Writing is My Heartbeat
95. Pick a day and write for 24 hours- 07/05/13
96. Finish the 365 prompts in the Writer’s Book of Days
97. Self-publish a Strokes story collection- 07/31/15
98. Host a meme on my LJ every year during April- 04/30/15
99. Accept AO3 invite and archive fics there- 01/15/14

100. Use Lulu to make an Adult Merit Badge Book of all my things- 06/21/13
101. Create a new 101 Things in 1001 Days list when this one is done- 08/29/15

the artist formerly known as kytyn: pizzazzmelydia on December 7th, 2012 05:12 pm (UTC)
You don't already volunteer more than 100 hours a year at one library?

It's a good thing you didn't allow other people to edit your list doc, because I wanted to add "update BCinDC homepage" to your list of extra things. :)
Kate of Kintailkatekintail on December 7th, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)
Oh GOSH! Why didn't you suggest that one? How do I fit that in. Hmmmmmm...

As for the library... because I take some days off because of trips, AWP conference, etc. and sometimes the library is closed for holidays, I don't always make it to 100. I usually make it to about 90 hours a year. My first year doing it I got to 100, but I've only managed it once or maybe twice. I should also talk to the volunteer coordinators about submitting the list for the award; they do it some years and not others. I also want to keep track of my lifetime hours :-)
Kate of Kintailkatekintail on December 7th, 2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
Basically, we write down our hours in the binder, the librarians put them into the computer, and then you never find out how many hours you did. So I want to figure out how they count it (calendar year? April to April appreciation lunches? Fiscal year? I don't know).

I squeezed updating the BCinDC blog/site in there as one of my things! YAY!!!
White Raven, with or without a 13whytraven on December 9th, 2012 03:00 am (UTC)
Good luck! But aren't you already at 4000 on Markeroni?
Kate of Kintail: Defaultkatekintail on December 9th, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
Hahaha! You are funny! I'm not even remotely close to 4000. I'm at 2713.