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06 December 2012 @ 10:20 pm
List 2- Wrap-up  
Here's a wrap-up of my second 101 Things in 1001 Days.

Finished: 67
Started: 22
Not Started: 12

By Category--
Complete One Project Each Month: 28/33
Writing: 4/8
Hobbies: 6/16
Visit/Travel: 5/6
Fannish: 7/14
Personal/Home: 9/15
Philanthropic: 6/7
Misc: 2/2

Discussion of unfinished goals--
10. Makeup Project- Put together all the LEGO sets I've bought as of December 2010 and haven't yet assembled
Yeah. I kept buying new sets. Now I have dozens not yet put together. And I don't need the pressure to get to them. I'll put them together when I have time and inclination.

11. Makeup Project- Complete all the prompts from the book before the end of this 1001 days
I'm still on January prompts!

18. August 2011 Makeup Project: STILL haven't decided yet AND 25. March 2012 Project
I didn't come up with projects ahead of time for these months. That seemed to be key in my finishing monthly projects.

20. October 2011 Project
This was my Ticket Stub diary. I started it. I decided to do it by type of ticket (movies together, concerts together, etc.) But then I didn't know how many pages to leave blank in-between for future events. So I assembled all my tickets and then stalled. But this made it onto my next 101 list, so I have hopes of finishing it. I'm planning to do it in random order :-)

34. Finish all outstanding gifts/recent requests
I didn't really work on any fics that fit this category, but I don't even know how many there were or which ones. I really should have made a list to begin with. I did write dozens of gifts, though, so I don't feel bad

37. Finish my Remus H/C 10 story set
I wrote one fic during this time period, and that's it. Boo! Poor Remus!

38. Write/post 7 Strokes stories
I did work on a number of stories, but I only finished a few and posted even fewer. I hope to turn this around next time. I miss my boys!

39. Submit to 5 writing contests/journals
I submitted to 1. Which is still 1 more than before I started these goals. So there is that :-)

43. Write 2 BookCrossing articles
I wrote one. There are a few topics I wanted to write, but the article just didn't materialize. The BookCrossing Newsletter has been sporadic, though, so it wasn't really on my mind often enough.

44. Choose a wild release location and take photos of 100 different releases there
I got more than 1/10th released and I enjoyed it. I think going onto campus feels too difficult (driving on campus, finding a spot in the parking deck, running over and releasing, using the parking ticket machine, then getting out of the parking deck before it charges me). But it really is a great spot. I have this again on my next 101 list and I hope this time I'll do it!

45. Clear 25 books off my BookCrossing TBR Shelves
I came so close! But no cigar :-( This is on my next list as well

47. Get a book journaled for all states I don't already have books in
I definitely made progress, but I didn't finish this task. It's on next time's list, so maybe I'll make it then.

48. Get to 4,000 snarfs at Markeroni
Originally, I had 2,000 on my list. crrcookie & melydia convinced me to raise it to 4,000. What was I thinking? LOL Even with all the Gettysburg and UK snarfs, I can't make it to 4,000. But maybe next time...

49. Write 2 Markeroni articles
Shortly after I made this goal, the Markeroni blog changed its style, so I didn't get the articles written the way I'd intended. However, I am writing some short essays about my snarfing adventures for a Markeroni fundraiser (I've started them but I'm not quite done yet). So I'm still counting this as in progress.

52. Log all landmarks from before I joined Markeroni
I made a good effort, digging up and scanning in a bunch. But some (like my first trip to Ireland/Scotland) are still unlogged

54. Create full list of To Be Read books
I wanted to do this as I packed up my books to take them over to my new house. But that hasn't happened yet. This made it onto next time's list.

55. Bring Kintailscape up-to-date
I really didn't even touch this one. Bad Keta!

61. Re-experience the magic of the dollhouse store
Went out of business. I cried.

56. Learn how to crochet
I bought a starter kit for a scarf... haven't even opened the kit. But I did put this on next time's list so that I can actually do it!

64. Finish watching all of Doctor Who
Wow. Um. I'm still on the First Doctor!

68. Watch the Academy Award Best Picture nominees each year (2010, 2011, 2012)
I came SO CLOSE! Just 7 or 8 left. I think I'll add these to next year's list as well, because I still do want to watch them!

69. Watch all my unwatched DVDs
Not even CLOSE! I did watch some specifically because of this goal on this list, so it served some purpose. But there are still a bunch I didn't get to. How many? No idea, because I never made a list. That's part of my next 101 things.

70. Finish Gabaldon series to-date (re-read & read for the first time)
I earread the first ones, which are really my favorites. But I want to try this goal again with a stronger push.

72. Create a Washington Capitals Season schedule for all seasons that start during my 1001 days
Yeah. This didn't happen. I usually just looked it up on the internet. Less convenient, but it worked.

73. Go to a Hershey Bears game
I wish I could have gone to TONIGHT'S game at the Verizon Center! But I'm exhausted and, truly, I put this on the list because I wanted to go up to Hershey to get the whole experience. So I put this on next time's list as well.

74. Start a local Quidditch team
We did play a few times and DC Sports tried to organize a local team/league. But you need people to get this done, and that's what we didn't have.

80. Get weight down to 135lbs
I gained a LOT Of weight over the past 3 years. But I'm at 18lbs lost since I really started to try to lose weight, and I'm proud of myself for that. I'm going to stick with this one. It's going on next time's list.

81. Handle the mess that is my closet
I did... look at my closet a few times. I need to do an honest cleanout of it.

82. Clean out/sort Outlook Inbox & Google Mail
I didn't do this one either. I lost my email for a while and I thought that might help, but I got most of it back in the end. I'm still at 41,000 unread and about 57,000 total not in folders or deleted/dealt with.

84. Create 10 digital scrapbook pages
I didn't do a single one! I did read a part of a book about it and look into software packages. But the two digital scrapbook albums I own are both completely empty still.

91. Figure out how to display my keychain collection
I like the hooks I saw on melydia's bookcase. I might try something like that, but I like them in bunches the way they are as well. So I'm still undecided, but I've put this on my next list.

92. Make breakfast for dinner 33 times during the 1001 days (that averages out to once a month)
To be completely honest, I got bored keeping track. I ate a bunch of breakfasts for dinner, but I don't know how many. I probably ate close to 33, but I don't know for sure. I certainly enjoyed the ones I did eat.

98. Donate 100,000 grains of rice at FreeRice
I discovered that, though I like answering the FreeRice.com questions, I'm not really remembering anything I didn't already know. And I really did give this my best shot!
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
the artist formerly known as kytyn: pizzazzmelydia on December 7th, 2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
I totally feel you on #92. That's why most of the items on my next list are once-and-done.