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List 6- My 101 Things

This is my sixth round of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days goals. This time, I've incorporated a lot of things I'm doing that I want to be sure to keep doing. There's a variety of goals and also 6 goals related to the number 6.

My successes in previous years: list 1- 50 done; list 2- 67 done; list 3- 86 done; list 4- 90 done; list 5- 80 done.

I will indicate the items on this list as I accomplish them. I shall keep this journal updated as I work towards these goals, with pictures/links whenever possible. Entries in bold are ones I have completed. Entries in italics are ones in progress, which are taking a while to complete. Entries that are struck out are ones I have failed. Entries with * were completed during the grace period before my next list began.

Start Date: Monday, April 19, 2021
Finish Date: Monday, January 15, 2024

3 / 101 things. 3% done!

The Number Six
1. Read 6 books off Mt. TBR
2. Read 6 Overdrive wish list books
3. Read 6 wrapped books
4. Watch 6 new-to-me shows on streaming services
5. Watch 6 Netflix DVDs
6. Support 6 artists/makers on patreon/ko-fi

Reading & Books
7. Release a book at the LFLs at Brookside Gardens
8. Release a book at the LFL at the National Museum of the American Indian
9. Release a book at the Becky’s Hugs LFL
10. Pride Reading Project 2021
11. Pride Reading Project 2022
12. Pride Reading Project 2023
13. Comic book/graphic novel readathon
14. Participate in a reading challenge/readathon

15. Favorite movies to rewatch marathon
16. Hockey movie marathon
17. Narnia movie/mini-series marathon
18. Lord of the Rings marathon
19. Marvel marathon
20. LGBTQ+ movie marathon
21. Disney cartoon show marathon
22. Disney movie marathon
23. Stephen King movie/mini-series marathon
24. Memorize Highlander episode order again
25. Finish Leverage
26. Finish Supernatural
27. Finish Wildcards: ETU
28. Watch Wildcards: Deadlands
29. Watch Critical Role Campaign 2
30. Rewatch an older show I own on DVD but have never rewatched

Creativity & Fun
31. Create a DADA games/activities book
32. Create an IJ1P workbook
33. Finish a novel and submit it for publication
34. Submit an article, story, or novella to a contest or for publication
35. Self-publish another Strokes collection
36. Finish an adult coloring book
37. Eat a pie every Pi Day
38. Make banana pudding
39. Build 30 LEGO sets
40. Build 15 new LEGO Habitats
41. Have a puzzle day
42. Take paw print molds of Charlie and Ozma- 04/20/21
43. NaNoWriMo 2021
44. NaNoWriMo 2022
45. NaNoWriMo 2023

Community & Philanthropy
46. Take a photo of the KP tree each October
47. Set up a LFL at church
48. Send gratitude notes every day for a month
49. Host all-day Harry Potter event
50. Memorize the UU principles
51. Facilitate a small group
52. Ask church musical director to play a certain song

53. Get a new mattress
54. Read a magazine every week when there’s a backlog
55. Sort through 10 boxes
56. Spring Cleaning 2021
57. Spring Cleaning 2022
58. Spring Cleaning 2023

Self-Improvement & Personal
59. Renew my passport
60. Try a kickboxing class
61. Learn to tie a bowtie
62. Use my oral irrigator- 04/24/21
63. Write a letter to my future self
64. Get to bed on time at least 20 days in a month
65. Do a full tarot reading every year on my birthday
66. Personal thing (code name: LS)

Travel from Home Trips
67. April 2021 Travel from Home Trip- 04/24/21
68. May 2021 Travel from Home Trip
69. June 2021 Travel from Home Trip
70. July 2021 Travel from Home Trip
71. August 2021 Travel from Home Trip
72. September 2021 Travel from Home Trip
73. October 2021 Travel from Home Trip
74. November 2021 Travel from Home Trip
75. December 2021 Travel from Home Trip
76. January 2022 Travel from Home Trip
77. February 2022 Travel from Home Trip
78. March 2022 Travel from Home Trip
79. April 2022 Travel from Home Trip
80. May 2022 Travel from Home Trip
81. June 2022 Travel from Home Trip

Experiences & Travel
82. Visit the Green Valley Bookfair
83. Get gelato at the National Gallery of Art
84. Ride the carousel on the National Mall
85. Attend a Celtic festival or event (in-person or virtual)
86. Use Whitehall Farms gift card
87. See Pumpkin Glow
88. Zip line at Hemlock
89. Visit the Kreeger Museum
90. Visit the Hillwood Museum

Career & Finances
91. Get a new job
92. See a UX/UI mentee through from start to graduation
93. Complete a new specialization or certification
94. Add 10 items to my portfolio
95. Make $100 on Vocal
96. Continue to save $1 a day in 2 savings accounts
97. Continue to save an amount equal to my age every week in a savings account
98. Continue to save and make an extra mortgage payment every May
99. Buy an item off the “Things I Want to Buy” list

100. Donate $2 to charity for every thing I haven’t started and $1 for every thing I started but haven’t finished
101. Make a new 101 Things in 1001 Days list

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