just_the_things (just_the_things) wrote,

Thing 78

78. Put together a display with items representing my Strokes characters

For years now, I have been collecting Christmas ornaments that remind me of my Strokes characters. This year, I finally put them together for this tree. I had to make a few for remaining characters, and I'll probably refine the display next year when I can afford to buy things again. For now, I'm really happy with the results.

Nik- rainbow disco ball
Sweetie- Christmas-themed LEGO ball (including building pieces and a computer terminal)
Jamie- Christmas-colored hockey goalie
Olly- Doctor's bag
Ducky- Fortune cookie
Sinclair- Hockey skates and stick
Coyote- Microphone
Trip- Sailor duck and rainbow dog tag
Toby- Stuffed Labrador dog
Auntie Al- LEGO Alfred from Batman
Julia & Robert- Limousine
Ace- Motorcycle
Pit- Garage King tire and tools

Strokes tree
Groom & groom wedding
Genderqueer pride heart
Rainbow pride heart
Rainbow converse shoes
Beads, most of which were from various pride festivals
Tags: finished, thing 78

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