just_the_things (just_the_things) wrote,

Thing 81

81. Start music video/fanvid a day project

Ever since I attended a sing-along vid show as the first morning panel at a con, I had the idea of putting together a collection of fun fanvids to wake up to. After thinking about the project a while, I decided to start out a little softer than one a day and, instead, modified this to one a week. I posted the first one today on my fandom blog: http://thefangirlproject.com/?p=2346

I have scheduled out fanvids through April of 2021 (45 of them, to be exact). So I am considering that an excellent start to this project. My hope is to keep it going and finish up a whole calendar year of fun videos I recommend that appear every Friday.
Tags: finished, thing 81
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