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27 December 2018 @ 10:13 am
Thing 99  
99. Start sending out holiday cards to friends/family

I mailed out the first round of cards on Monday just before the post office closed. I mailed out the second (last) batch yesterday. It took me a long time to put together a holiday letter. I was going to use some cards I bought for this purpose last year, but I realized I was 10 short. So I ordered another box of the same and, while I did that, ordered 3 boxes of another set of cards I'd fallen in love with. Those ones had a library lion on the front with a wreath around its neck. Considering I went to the New York Public Library and took some photos of the library lions out front, I thought this one was appropriate to send this year. The cards benefitted ProLiteracyWorldwide. I collected addresses and wrote out cards, using hockey stamps whenever possible.

It was actually a fun and rewarding experience to get to write notes to so many people I care about--some of whom I see often and some I haven't seen in many years.