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01 December 2018 @ 08:41 pm
Thing 88  
88. Eat breakfast foods for all three meals in a day

melydia once mentioned to me a magical day when she happened to have breakfast for all three meals. I asked my friends if doing it on purpose would make it less magical. They said it was still BREAKFAST FOR ALL THREE MEALS IN A DAY, and you can't beat that. I've got to agree. I had a normal breakfast (though treated myself to a waffle, which I only have once or twice a week at most). Then I found myself by a La Madeleine at lunch, so I had my favorite French toast there for lunch. Then I had a wonderful dinner at a cute little diner with my friend 6of8 where I had an omelette with muenster cheese (my favorite cheese).

It was definitely a magical day of food, and I'm not usually even a fan of food. I must do this again sometime.

breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

Breakfast #3