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01 December 2018 @ 08:15 pm
Thing 23  
23. Attend the Scottish Walk again

Wearing five layers for warmth, I ventured out to see the Alexandria Scottish Walk this year. I went a number of times when I was young with my dad and a few times as a teenager when I couldn't get enough of all things Scottish. But it has been more than 20 years since my last time attending, so I made it one of my things to go back again. About 3 minutes before the parade began, it started raining. And then it was cold and wet. As soon as the whole event was over, the rain let up. But apart from feeling miserable, I thoroughly enjoyed the parade. The people walking looked far wetter and colder than I was, and some of the poor dogs were shaking. But the bagpipers were wonderful and the atmosphere was festive. Lots of clans I love--including the Frasers and the MacLeods--and Clan Ramsay all dressed as Star Wars characters! There was a great mix of clans, local groups, dignitaries (including the state governor's wife) , and dogs. And, of course, Santa on bagpipes at the end.