April 25th, 2021


Thing 65

65. Do a full tarot reading every year on my birthday

I did a full tarot reading this year for myself, and it was both scarily accurate and inspiring. It helped me think deeply about my current situation, see some connections, and look toward my future with hope.

My cat, Ozma, was extremely helpful as well ;-)

Thing 42

42. Take paw print molds of Charlie and Ozma

I have been meaning to take molds of my cats' paws for years now. I have ones for all my pets since I was five. It wasn't until I put it on this list that I finally made a little time to do ones for my two current kitties.

Some of Ozma's fur stuck to hers when I took it, so I stuck some fur onto Charlie's on purpose. Neither of my girls liked the experience, but it didn't take long.

Thing 67

67. April 2021 Travel from Home Trip

This month, I took a fake trip to Sweden. With the food, book, movie, and music combined, it turned out to be one of my favorite travel from home trips yet.

Meal: (veggie) meatballs, mashed potatoes, sauce, and lingonberry spread.
Dessert: Swedish Fish, Anna's Orange Thins
Movie: A Man Called Ove
Book: Britt-Marie Was Here
Music: The Swedish Shortsnouts

Here's the full write-up of my travel from home trip: https://kintailscape.com/travel/?p=1071

Thing 62

62. Use my oral irrigator

I got this oral irrigator/water pick for Christmas and hadn't opened the box. So I took it out, charged it, and tried it out. Apart from the bit where I got water absolutely everywhere, it went fairly well. I thought it felt all right and was effective. It's not going to replace brushing or flossing for me, but it seems like it would be a nice supplement. I plan on keeping it in my main floor bathroom for convenience and because that's the bathroom with the working electrical outlet.