April 3rd, 2021

Thing ?

Thing 46, 90, 91

46. Start saving money for a new car
90. Save $1 a day in two different accounts
91. Every week, put money into a savings account equal to how old I am

I am grouping the financial ones together here at the end of this round. I did indeed create a new savings account for a new car. I started it in September 2018 with an initial deposit of $1,000 and had some money from each paycheck automatically put into the account since. I've pulled some money out of it for the upkeep of my current car, but I did manage to save a bit in the account. So I'm considering it a win.

I kept my current 101 Things in 1001 Days account with its weekly deposit of $7 running, even through my unemployment. I have a second account in another bank where I set up an automatic deposit of $1 a day as well. Both accounts have remained untouched throughout the duration of my 1001 days.

I kept this savings account up as well, and I kept it active even when I lost my job. So I have indeed been saving an amount equal to my age each week, and I've incremented it each year after my birthday.
Thing ?

List 5 Wrap-up

Finished: 80
Started: 6
Not Started: 15

By Category--
Things to Do with the Number Five: 20/22
Things to Experience: 12/16
Things That Need to be Done: 4/8
Things to Get in Order: 6/10
Things to Do Just For Fun: 7/8
Things to Watch: 5/7
Things to Read: 4/4
Things to Create: 7/8
Things for Myself: 8/10
Things for Others: 5/6
Things About Things: 2/2

Several factors beyond my control made it impossible to do 6 of the things on my list, such as traveling during the pandemic. I am glad that I didn't procrastinate and I did a lot of "Things to Experience" early on. Beating 90 things was going to be difficult in a perfect world, and this definitely hasn't been a perfect world lately. So I am proud of my ability to get 80 things done this round, despite the pandemic and losing my job.

I've already got much of a list drawn up for round 6, and I'm planning to start it on my birthday, April 19.