May 31st, 2020


Thing 51

51. Go through 33 boxes of my things

In May, I managed to sort through 30 boxes of things from my larger storage area! It took me almost all month, but I got rid of a lot and feel extremely proud.


Thing 50

50. Do 25 things to clean/fix up my house each May

I had a productive but exhausting month of May! I also forgot to post my progress from 2019. So here are both lists and some photos of this year.

  1. Clean glass stovetop

  2. Fixed light in upstairs hallway

  3. Replaced wreath on front door

  4. Set up new bench in bedroom with extra storage

  5. Put away Easter decorations

  6. Donated kitty litter and food that was sitting around

  7. Planted flowers and added a hanging basket of flowers to backyard

  8. Emptied a box of BookCrossing books

  9. Purged books and reorganized library shelves

  10. Hung new art/posters in library

  11. Threw out old medication

  12. Swept and cleaned deck

  13. Put together Harry Potter castle diorama and found a display location

  14. Put up new art in bedroom

  15. Cleaned upstairs bathroom including shower

  16. Recycled 2 bags of plastic bags

  17. Recycled lots of extra cardboard boxes

  18. organized DVD collection into binders

  19. Changed sheets on bed

  20. Dusted all over!

  21. Cleaned living room and table

  22. Cleaned workstation in basement

  23. Put up new art in craft room

  24. Bought new lightbulbs (LED)

  25. Got rid of old, expired cleaning products

  1. Repotted aloe plant

  2. Organized the pantry

  3. Bought new bathroom items and set them up

  4. Threw out old medication

  5. Set up glider outside

  6. Washed kitchen floor, entry way floor, and all bathroom floors

  7. Swept the deck

  8. Cleaned the washer and dryer

  9. Organized dresser; purged clothes from dresser

  10. Went through 30 boxes from large storage area

  11. Cleaned the microwave

  12. Dusted all vents

  13. Decluttered and reorganized craft desk

  14. Switched to spring bedding

  15. Washed all couch covers and couch cushion covers

  16. Vacuumed all carpets

  17. Dusted and reorganized office bookshelf

  18. Washed all curtains and ironed (put up new curtains in craft room)

  19. Cleared kitchen counters

  20. Organized pins into pin book

  21. Cleaned sink and garbage disposal

  22. Cleaned humidifier with decalcification powder

  23. Organized storage area

  24. Dusted all blinds

  25. Decluttered office desk

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