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27 December 2018 @ 09:57 am
14. Watch 5 movies at discount theaters or during discount days

I saw Bohemian Thapsody in November on a discount Wednesday (and ran into the discount movie meetup group while there, coincidentally, so I had some people to talk with when the movie was over). I loved the movie and, especially, the music!

Yesterday, at the same theater, I saw Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse on a discount Wednesday. I loved it--felt just like Bendis' stories but on the big screen. Lots of humor and surprises even though I knew the characters and story well.

Progress: 3 / 5
27 December 2018 @ 10:02 am
84. Walk home from Mordor

On December 21, I arrived in Isengard from Minas Tirith, which is a distance of 535 miles. With the help of the ents, its beginning to rebuild itself after the war. Now I'm on my way from Isengard back to Rivendel.
27 December 2018 @ 10:13 am
99. Start sending out holiday cards to friends/family

I mailed out the first round of cards on Monday just before the post office closed. I mailed out the second (last) batch yesterday. It took me a long time to put together a holiday letter. I was going to use some cards I bought for this purpose last year, but I realized I was 10 short. So I ordered another box of the same and, while I did that, ordered 3 boxes of another set of cards I'd fallen in love with. Those ones had a library lion on the front with a wreath around its neck. Considering I went to the New York Public Library and took some photos of the library lions out front, I thought this one was appropriate to send this year. The cards benefitted ProLiteracyWorldwide. I collected addresses and wrote out cards, using hockey stamps whenever possible.

It was actually a fun and rewarding experience to get to write notes to so many people I care about--some of whom I see often and some I haven't seen in many years.