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01 December 2018 @ 07:45 pm
5. Read 5 wrapped books

I finished reading So Shelly by Ty Roth. I have been fascinated by the lives of the romantic poets since I was in high school. So it was interesting to read this imagining of Byron, Shelly, and Keats as high schoolers. I wasn't a huge fan of all the jumping back and forth in time for this particular story. But I did think that the way the characters were put together and modernized was enjoyable. I wish I had LOVED it, but I did definitely like it. And I'm glad this wrapped book project got me to finally read it.

Progress: 3/5
01 December 2018 @ 08:15 pm
23. Attend the Scottish Walk again

Wearing five layers for warmth, I ventured out to see the Alexandria Scottish Walk this year. I went a number of times when I was young with my dad and a few times as a teenager when I couldn't get enough of all things Scottish. But it has been more than 20 years since my last time attending, so I made it one of my things to go back again. About 3 minutes before the parade began, it started raining. And then it was cold and wet. As soon as the whole event was over, the rain let up. But apart from feeling miserable, I thoroughly enjoyed the parade. The people walking looked far wetter and colder than I was, and some of the poor dogs were shaking. But the bagpipers were wonderful and the atmosphere was festive. Lots of clans I love--including the Frasers and the MacLeods--and Clan Ramsay all dressed as Star Wars characters! There was a great mix of clans, local groups, dignitaries (including the state governor's wife) , and dogs. And, of course, Santa on bagpipes at the end.

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01 December 2018 @ 08:41 pm
88. Eat breakfast foods for all three meals in a day

melydia once mentioned to me a magical day when she happened to have breakfast for all three meals. I asked my friends if doing it on purpose would make it less magical. They said it was still BREAKFAST FOR ALL THREE MEALS IN A DAY, and you can't beat that. I've got to agree. I had a normal breakfast (though treated myself to a waffle, which I only have once or twice a week at most). Then I found myself by a La Madeleine at lunch, so I had my favorite French toast there for lunch. Then I had a wonderful dinner at a cute little diner with my friend 6of8 where I had an omelette with muenster cheese (my favorite cheese).

It was definitely a magical day of food, and I'm not usually even a fan of food. I must do this again sometime.

breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

Breakfast #3
01 December 2018 @ 08:52 pm
96. Buy a nice LEGO set for a holiday toy drive

I found a nice set at the store a few months ago. It was so nice, I was tempted to keep it myself a number of times. I like that it has both boy and girl minifigs in it and that it's very imaginative. I thought it would make a really neat thing for a child to wake up to Christmas morning. I was waiting for the Toys for Tots bins to appear for the season, but I ended up going to a concert with 6of8 and they encouraged food and toy donations. How perfect that I had this ready and waiting!