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List 4- My 101 Things

This is my fourth 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days list. I can't believe I've been doing these since 2007! My success so far: list 1- 50 done; list 2- 67 done; list 3-86 done. So I'm shooting to beat 86. I've got friends IRL and online doing it with me and can't wait to see how we all do this time around!

I will indicate the items on this list as I accomplish them. I shall keep this journal updated as I work towards these goals, with pictures/links whenever possible. Entries in bold are ones I have completed. Entries in italics are ones in progress, which are taking a while to complete. Entries that are struck out are ones I have failed. Entries with * were completed during the grace period before my next list began.

Start Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015
Finish Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018

90 / 101 things. 90% done!

Things About Creating
1. Build a fort out of pillows & blankets- 11/22/15
2. Build one thing out of LEGO from my “I want to build this” list- 07/08/16
3. Put together 5 LEGO sets purchased before this list was made that I’ve never assembled- 02/06/16
4. Finish Remus’ scarf- 01/17/16
5. Make a color journal/gluebook (one color per page)- 01/08/17
6. Complete backlog of poem & art postcard journal- 06/25/18
7. Make a gallery of crafts I’ve done, inspired by Pinterest, with side-by-side pictures- 10/10/15
8. Make myself an Eeyore house in a jar- 01/16/16
9. Make 5 more photo book pages- 09/14/16
10. Carve/create my own stamp & try letterboxing if possible- 02/17/16
11. Take a photo of the Kings Park tree every October- 10/27/17
12. Visit Hidden Pond Nature Center once in each season and take 5 photos during each visit of the same thing. Create a spread/graphic to compare them- 07/23/16
13. Draw/write something on the courtyard sidewalk- 05/15/16
14. Bring all personal websites up-to-date- 02/20/17

Things About Games
15. Put together a new-to-me puzzle- 01/16/16
16. Play the license plate game with myself- 12/17/16
17. Go to a Tabletop Gaming event- 03/11/16
18. Solve Puzzle Island book- 04/03/16

Things About Books
19. Tag all book reviews in book blog by genre, author, and title- 05/29/16
20. Read a Terry Pratchett Discworld book- 10/17/17
21. Each summer, pick a classic or book I have been hesitant to read and give it a try- 06/04/18
22. Memorize my library card number- 11/22/15
23. Memorize a poem- 02/03/16
24. Read all of the wrapped books
25. Read a book and then watch the movie based on it for 5 different books- 06/29/16
26. Read 5 books chosen randomly while wandering through the library- 03/12/16
27. Make a list of 10 books on my BookCrossing TBR shelves and read those books- 03/04/17
28. Read 5 Torchwood novels I haven’t read yet- 07/15/17
29. Read/reread the Outlander series
30. Open a goodreads or librarything account- 12/30/15

Things About Writing
31. Do Camp NaNoWriMo- 04/25/16
32. Have a stay-at-home private writer’s retreat- 10/16/16
33. Donate items for the local NaNoWriMo kickoff party raffle- 10/24/15
34. Finish & post a fanfic that’s been in progress for years- 10/31/15
35. Dig up some of Dum Spiro Spero and do something with it
36. Write Strokes graphic novel story draft- 11/30/17
37. Publish a Writers’ Roundtable anthology/collection

Things About Places
38. Visit the Washington National Cathedral again- 09/04/16
39. Visit Dumbarton Oaks Gardens- 03/05/17
40. Visit Prospero’s Books in Manassas- 10/31/16
41. Visit Roosevelt Island- 04/07/18
42. Visit the State Arboretum of Virginia- 06/24/18
43. See a roller derby game- 08/20/16
44. Attend another Celtic/Scottish Festival- 06/16/18
45. Drive the whole Blue Ridge Parkway
46. Go to the Burke farmer’s market- 05/14/16
47. Get to 5,000 snarfs on Markeroni

Things About Fandoms
48. Put together a collection of favorite fanfics- 06/26/18
49. Have a Marvel movie marathon weekend- 5/9/18
50. Have a Ewan McGregor movie marathon weekend- 05/29/16
51. Watch all of Agatha Christie’s Poirot and read one new-to-me book- 02/08/16
52. Watch all of Star Trek TOS- 12/23/15
53. Watch the rest of the First Doctor’s episodes- 05/30/16
54. Watch all of the Second Doctor’s episodes- 01/25/17
55. Watch all of the Third Doctor’s episodes- 02/24/17
56. Watch all of the Fourth Doctor’s episodes- 05/12/17
57. Watch all of the Fifth Doctor’s episodes- 05/27/17
58. Watch all of the Sixth Doctor’s episodes- 06/04/17
59. Watch all of the Seventh Doctor’s episodes- 06/19/17
60. Watch all of Smallville
61. Watch all of Sanctuary- 03/14/17
62. Watch Torchwood series 4 (Miracle Day)- 07/01/16
63. Rewatch all of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles- 08/26/17
64. Rewatch all of Forever Knight- 07/10/17
65. Rewatch all of Highlander in order- 02/05/18
66. Rewatch all of From the Earth to the Moon- 4/19/16
67. Read Buffy Season 8- 03/18/18
68. Read Brian Michael Bendis’ Spider-Man (get as caught up as I can)- 06/18/16
69. Listen to Night Vale- 6/11/16
70. Buy an Alivans wand ornament- 12/21/15
71. Attend Con.Txt- 07/31/16
72. Participate in GISHWHES- 08/06/16
73. For everything in my Netflix “My List” either watch it or delete it
74. Memorize Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock- 10/31/16

Things About My House
75. Set up a permanent “donation box” in the house- 06/16/18
76. Clean/fix the house during May each year- 05/31/18
77. Save money and make an extra mortgage payment every May- 5/4/18
78. Make a cleaning schedule- 05/30/16
79. Go through all my CDs and floppy discs

Things About Money
80. Make a weekly budget limit and do not overspend on 25 weeks- 06/23/18
81. Put money into a CD- 06/22/17
82. Make a loan through Kiva Zip- 10/02/15
83. Save $1 a day in a special account- 06/28/18
84. Every week, put money into a savings account equal to how old I am- 06/28/18
85. Donate something for the BrickFair charity auction/raffle- 08/05/16

Things About Others
86. Host project party days at least once a year with friends
87. Make at least 10 Christmas presents- 12/30/16
88. Adopt a cat/cats- 11/08/15

Things About Me
89. Write my future self a letter and write my past self a letter- 04/23/16
90. Create a personal time capsule that includes a personal timeline (one memory for every year of life)
91. Keep a daily scrapbook/artifact journal- 06/26/18
*92. Have someone take a photo of me with one of my collections (Eeyore?) in this style: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emilyblincoe/sets/72157633958747915/ *
93. Using a pedometer to keep track, walk to Mordor (1779 miles)- 02/14/18
94. Watch 5 TED Talks- 09/04/16
95. Complete a merit badge in You Can Do It: the Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-up Girls- 08/19/17
96. Come out to everyone I care about- 10/14/15
97. Jump in a moon bounce/bouncy house or into a ball pit- 08/04/16

Things About Things
98. Make a merit badge book of this list of things- 10/14/15
99. Do one thing from my list of things that didn’t make the cut this time- 01/17/16
100. Donate $2 to charity for every thing I haven’t started and $1 to charity for every thing I started but haven’t finished- 06/28/18
101. Make a new 101 list for next time- 06/28/18

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